Diversity & Inclusion

Diverse perspectives help us serve our members.

Many Faces, One Mission

At USAA, we know that maintaining a workforce that is reflective of our diverse membership and community is vital to our mission. The military community is one of the most diverse in this country and our ability to provide best-in-class service is directly connected to understanding the needs of our membership and providing innovative solutions.

Our strategy to meet that objective includes a wide array of diversity-related training programs, community outreach efforts and various tools and resources for attracting, developing and retaining a diverse workforce and sustaining an inclusive workplace.

Sharing Common Beliefs

While the people at USAA are highly individual, we all share some common traits regardless of our individual differences. These include:

  • A strong initiative to take on tasks and complete projects
  • An ability to prioritize and handle a multifaceted workload
  • A commitment to true partnership and collaboration
  • The judgment to take prudent risks that will bring excellent results
  • A desire to cast a positive shadow in all encounters across our organization