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USAA 2022 Internships

Explore this page to find comprehensive descriptions of all USAA internship opportunities. To see which internships are currently recruiting in Spring 2022, click here for a list of active applications.


Actuaries at USAA are trusted experts in quantitatively assessing the risk and uncertainty associated with future events.

As an Actuary intern, you will work on key projects that include pricing insurance policies, building models to predict expected losses, simulating market scenarios, forecasting revenues, and accounting for the possibility of catastrophes.

Major(s): Pursuing a bachelor’s in Actuarial Science, Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, Economics, or Finance

Audit Services

Audit Services is the internal audit function for USAA providing independent, objective assurance and consulting services designed to add value and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of USAA’s enterprise risk management, internal control systems, and governance processes.

Audit interns work directly with specialized audit professionals on defined audit projects. Interns will learn about the internal operations of banking, insurance, finance, compliance, risk, and technology operations through the lens of internal audit practices, internal controls, and risk assessment processes. Audit Services Interns who complete the Audit Internship program may have the opportunity to convert into an Audit Associate or Staff Auditor role.

Audit Intern Major(s): Pursuing a bachelor’s in Business, Finance, Accounting, or a related field

IT Audit Intern Major(s): Pursuing a bachelor’s in Information Technology, Management Information Systems (MIS), or Cyber Security

Bank Risk Analyst Intern

Bank Risk is responsible for the development and management of credit risk strategies for consumer credit portfolios with the goal of achieving profitable growth while managing risk.

Credit Risk interns will be tasked with a project similar to those of full time Credit Risk Analysts which may include evaluating a strategy, assessing the predictive power of new variables to identify credit risk, or analyzing how actions taken by the bank impact member behavior. Over the course of the internship, Credit Risk interns will have the opportunity to develop the critical thinking, technical, and communication skills required to excel as a Credit Risk Analyst. Interns will get an in-depth look into credit risk management and the key drivers, trends, and challenges facing the banking industry overall.

Major(s): Pursuing a bachelor’s in Statistics, Mathematics, Actuarial Sciences, Economics, or Finance

Chief Financial Office

The Chief Financial Office (CFO) is responsible for ensuring that USAA is financially secure to continue serving competitive products and services to our members.

The Financial Analyst internship is an opportunity for motivated Accounting or Finance students with excellent communication and analytical skills. Financial Analyst Interns will have access to a vast network of financial professionals and gain experience in one of the diverse opportunities within CFO, including accounting, forecasting & planning, treasury, data & analytics, and compliance. CFO Interns who complete Financial Analyst Internship program may have the opportunity to convert into the Financial Development Program (FDP), a three-year rotational program within various areas of CFO. 

Major(s): Pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s with a concentration in Accounting or Finance

Enterprise Risk

Enterprise Risk protects USAA’s reputation and member trust by overseeing the risks involved in doing business. Risk defines USAA’s risk management guidance and ensures risks across the enterprise are monitored, assessed, and controlled appropriately.

Interns in Enterprise Risk support USAA’s strategic priorities of operating and growing compliantly in a highly regulated industry.

Major(s): Pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s in Economics, Finance, Statistics, Mathematics, Actuarial Sciences, or related quantitative field

Enterprise Compliance

Enterprise Compliance protects the interests of USAA and its members by providing sound, independent advice and guidance, while demonstrating integrity and professional judgement. Compliance Analysts continuously drive a strong culture of compliance, while providing the appropriate level of governance and oversight control.

Compliance Analyst Interns provide second-line independent oversight and guidance regarding business products, services, and processes through a compliance framework. They work to ensure USAA is executing in accordance with regulatory requirements, federal laws, and companies policies while demonstrating integrity and professional judgement in protecting the interests of members and the company.

Major(s): Pursuing a bachelor’s in Business, Accounting, Finance, or Risk Management 

Human Resources

Human Resources (HR) supports the people side of business at USAA, driving improvements to the employee experience and building for the future.

HR interns will gain experience with the dynamic nature and full scope of HR at a Fortune 100 company, with exposure to executive leadership across the department. In a team environment, HR interns may have opportunities to enhance USAA’s culture, develop new reporting capabilities, or strengthening talent management processes. An internship in HR will prepare candidates for the HR Career Development Program (CDP), a two-year program with rotations in a center of excellence, shared services, and the business partnership area.

Major(s): Pursuing a master’s in Human Resource Management

Life Company

USAA’s Life Company aims to be the leading digital insurer, by providing guaranteed retirement income and protecting families when a loved one dies too young or gets sick along the way.  There are multiple internship opportunities in Business Risk & Controls and Process Ownership.

Business Risk and Control Intern Major(s): Pursuing a bachelor’s in Business Statistics, Business Management, Marketing, Human Centered Design, Management Information Systems

Process Owner Intern Major(s): Pursuing a bachelor’s in Business, Business Management, Finance, Marketing, Economics, or Mathematics

State Product Management

The State Product Management team collaborates with partners in Pricing, Marketing, Underwriting, Claims, Government & Industry Relations and Legal to lead our ability to deliver a full range of highly competitive financial products and services at the local level for USAA’s Property & Casualty Insurance business.

The Product Management Analyst Internship is for entrepreneurial, data-driven students with strong leadership and communication skills. As a Product Management Analyst Intern, you will learn about the insurance industry holistically and analyze and interpret complex data to influence regional insurance product strategy that benefits USAA’s membership.

Major(s): Pursuing a bachelor’s in Business, Finance, Insurance and Risk Management, Mathematics, Economics, Data and Analytics, or a related field

Enterprise Data & Analytics

Data analytics is used across USAA in various functions to identify and analyze behavioral patterns leading to insights, informing business decisions.

This internship provides you with an opportunity in one of the following: Actuary, Bank, Brand, Chief Finance Office, Fraud Management, Information Management and Property & Casualty

Major(s): Pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s in Data Analytics, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Economics, Statistics, Mathematics, Management Information Systems, Data and/or Business Analysis, or Data Science

Experience Management

Experience Management helps internal partners identify what is needed to enable a seamless shop, buy, and use experience for our members.

You will be responsible for the development, optimization and innovation for all digital capabilities and communications (i.e. mobile app, personalization, member messaging and chat) needed to bring beautiful experiences to life.

Major(s): Pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s in Computer Science, Management Information Systems (MIS), Engineering, Human Centered Design, or a related field

Information Security

Today’s theft doesn’t happen face-to face; it’s happening in cyberspace. Information Security keeps that activity at bay. USAA employs a world-class team of cyber specialists and takes pride in having never suffered a major data breach.

Information Security interns perform research, analysis, and troubleshooting to increase knowledge or identify and resolve routine security issues.

Major(s): Pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s in Cyber Security, Identity Management, Management Information Systems (MIS), or Computer Science

Information Technology

Software Engineering Interns are critical to the success of our association because of the investments you make in designing, developing, and maintaining reliable, scalable and secure software systems and products. You will be involved in the entire lifecycle process and collaborate with internal team members across multiple areas and client functions to move our company forward in an increasingly interconnected world.

Major(s): Pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Information Systems

Brand MBA

In our Brand organization, you will help USAA achieve our strategic objectives in areas such as, Marketing, Corporate Communications, Shared Services, Military Affairs, Corporate Responsibility, Diversity & Inclusion, the USAA Foundation and the USAA Educational Foundation. This program offers real-time assignments, team activities, exposure to senior leadership, and networking with other MBA program participants and alumni.

Major(s): Pursuing an MBA

Digital Bank MBA

MBA students will bring their competitive edge into professional bank transformation teams as part of this internship. Digital Bank Interns will be immersed into the evolving future of banking, where our teams work diligently to meet our members’ financial needs. Interns will work on projects in a matrixed organization and gain exposure to bank executive leadership.

Major(s): Pursuing an MBA

Life Company MBA

USAA’s Life Company aims to be the leading digital insurer, by providing guaranteed retirement income and protecting families when a loved one dies too young or gets sick along the way.

As an Experience Owner intern, you will be part of managing the product life cycle and executing process improvements to deliver an exceptional experience for our members.

Major(s): Pursuing an MBA

Property and Casualty MBA

Within our Property and Casualty space (P&C), MBA interns have the goal to improve our member's experience by analyzing and improving business processes, strategies, and/or products. In doing so, we are able to provide our members with highly competitive products and services. P&C MBA internships are available in the following functions: Business Owner, Business Strategy and Planning, Business Innovation, and Product Development. Come join a space that makes a difference for our members with their insurance and product needs!

Major(s): Pursing an MBA

USAA means United Services Automobile Association and its affiliates. USAA is an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer and gives consideration for employment to qualified applicants without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, pregnancy, national origin, age, disability, genetic information, veteran status, or any other legally protected characteristic.