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    Dawn Software Developer/Integrator “You have to work for your success, but there are many tools and resources that will help you. The people around you take the time to make sure you are comfortable and challenged, and this makes the work very rewarding. If that wasn’t enough, we are doing this for the people who risk their lives for us. It gives real meaning to what we do and we are very proud of it.”
    Marco Banking & Insurance Solutions Senior Specialist “This is not just a job, it’s a career. Working at the Financial Center is very rewarding because you are the face of USAA. It’s very satisfying to serve those who have sacrificed so much for me and this country and made it possible for me and my coworkers to do what we love.”
    Matilda Banking & Insurance Solutions Senior Specialist “I honestly feel the value and reputation of our organization and what we stand for sets us apart from any other organization. Often, members are ready to issue their policies without knowing what the premium is going to be. The USAA brand holds a lot of meaning to many of them, and they count on us to serve their financial needs.”
    Micheal Workforce Program Manager “USAA is a great place to work! While we have great amenities (facilities, parking, fitness centers, cafeterias, relax zones, Starbucks), the best thing about our work environment is the people. Everyone is focused on one purpose – being the provider of choice for the military community. That mission helps us focus on the right things and overcome obstacles.”
    David Contract Advisor “USAA’s focus on the members and our mission is unique in today’s corporate environment. It sets us apart from any other company. We go through great efforts to ensure that all employees understand the members we serve. As a former Army officer, I can truly say that USAA does a great job of conveying the military way of life.”
    Paige Senior Administrative Support Associate “I believe USAA is set apart from other companies as an employer due to our core values, culture and mission. We do what is right because it is the right thing to do. Working at USAA and understanding our mission of serving those who serve is a noble cause. It makes you feel good about showing up.”
    Santosh Software Developer/Integrator “I think USAA understands their employees. They give us enough materials and training to develop our skills, they allow us to participate in fun activities to take a break and they listen to us. These aspects definitely set USAA apart from other employers.”
    Nicole MSR 1 Helpline “One of the greatest aspects of our culture is the emphasis on innovation. USAA has an incredible program for employees to really make a difference in the way we do business every day. The creativity, collaboration and enthusiasm are really impressive and inspiring.”
    Stefanie Property Claims Adjuster “In my experience, USAA really wants to see all of its employees grow within the organization. There is great support for continuing education. The organization also promotes the financial well-being of employees. While our mission is to serve the financial needs of our members, I feel like the organization has that same mission when it comes to its employees and benefits.”
    Kevin Auto Adjuster “One of the best aspects of the USAA work environment is knowing that my colleagues share the same respect and admiration for our service members and their families. It is a wonderful feeling to be surrounded by a diverse group of people with all different backgrounds who are working towards the same goals and mission.”
    Melinda Banking & Insurance Solutions Specialist “Several friends have shown interest in working at USAA. They hear the passion I have when I describe what I do, when I talk about the interaction with my members and when I tell them about how much USAA does for employees. I know I am fortunate to work here.”
    Geoffrey Senior Supplier Diversity Advisor “While I am no longer a member of the military, USAA has given me the opportunity to continue to serve the men and women of the armed forces and be a part of something bigger than myself. USAA was instrumental in my seamless transition into the corporate world and has continually shown a commitment to investing in its veteran employees, with a strong understanding and belief in the valuable skills veterans bring to the workforce. I couldn’t ask for a better employer!”