USAA Military Skills Match

The service you bring can help us deliver for our members.

USAA appreciates the unique skills you’ve acquired through your military service. As we serve the military community, we understand how to align your military experience, education and training with our workplace needs. The skills translator below offers some basic information to help you determine where you might fit at USAA. You can then search our jobs for roles that are appropriate and fit your qualifications and interests.

If you worked in: You might consider:
Personnel, Recruiting, Instructor Training, Staffing, Compensation, Marketing
Networking, Intel, Communications IT, Business Architect, Analyst, Corporate Communications
Leadership positions Project/People Management
Front-line, Operations, Support Customer Service, Security, Claims
Logistics, Contracting, Finance Corporate Services, Procurement, Contracting, Financial Services, Banking

Learn more about how USAA supports transitioning military members.