Career Areas for Military and Spouses

Share your skills and determination with a company that knows your worth.

Military veterans: If you’re ready to embark on a new career, your valuable military experience may qualify you for many positions at USAA. We can help you capitalize on the skills developed while in uniform.

Military spouses: We know you face unique challenges, and our commitment extends to you, as well. At USAA, we provide an inclusive workplace that encourages you to share your experiences through service to our members.

We offer a multitude of career opportunities across our enterprise, and all of them are open to military veterans and their spouses. We find that you often have skills that are well-suited to the following roles:


As a claims professional, you will assist members with their initial automotive or home insurance claim concerns in a call center environment. As you progress, you may gain enough experience to assist in more complex claims involving multiple parties and agencies. Learn more about our claims careers and Combat to Claims program.

Customer Service & Sales

On our world-renowned customer service and sales team, you will be trained to provide first-class customer service in a fast-paced call center. You can learn and grow, gaining the experience to handle specific customer service needs in various departments. Learn more.

Financial Planning & Investments

Professionals in this area assist members with their life insurance and investment needs in a call center environment. Your growth track as you develop includes the potential to gain additional licenses and certificates and provide more complex financial advice. Learn more.


As a mortgage professional, you will assist members with originating their home mortgage needs in a call center environment. Areas of possible growth include gaining experience and moving into areas such as processing, closing and underwriting home loans. Learn more.

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