Learning at USAA

Be part of an organization that believes in your potential.

At USAA, we believe a highly engaged workforce is essential to success. To equip our employees to provide the outstanding member service critical to delivering on USAA’s mission, we foster a culture of learning and focus on ongoing development.

Getting Started

All employees participate in a foundational, new employee orientation, introducing them to the mission and culture of USAA. The goals of orientation are to engage, inspire and enable new employees to quickly assimilate into the organization and begin contributing to the accomplishment of the mission. New employees learn about our membership, the military lifestyle, products and services, policies, procedures and USAA’s best-in-class employee benefits. New hires are also introduced to USAA’s strategic priorities and core values. During the military module, new employees experience what it’s like to walk in our members’ “boots” as they gain an understanding of military lifestyles, struggles and stressors, deployment and transitioning needs. Insight into our members’ perspectives enables new employees to serve them best.

Getting Stronger

While learning may vary depending on the new employee’s department or role, the objective is to move all employees from orientation to being fully productive on the job. The member contact workforce attends several weeks of role-specific learning experiences upon completion of orientation. The primary focus during this period is member service skills and the development of the relationship with the member. This relationship is emphasized at every stage, from entry level to advanced courses. Advisory and conversational skills are integrated within the technical and product knowledge courses delivered to this audience. It’s about building and deepening lifelong relationships with the member for the purpose of facilitating their financial security.

Development options for non-member contact employees vary depending on the area, the employee’s experience level and the complexity of the role. Learning plans developed by the manager include formal learning solutions, on-the-job training and onboarding with leaders and peers.

Expanding Your Potential

Managers work with employees to create career goals and an ongoing development plan. This may include additional learning within the department, outside coursework and rotations across different areas, depending on USAA’s needs and the employee’s interests. Ongoing development programs for professionals and leaders contribute to their technical and leadership expertise. Employees use tools specially created to take charge of their careers, which help identify career aspirations and job fit. All employees have the opportunity to grow in their current job and prepare for the future.

Financial Foundation Specialist, Matthew

“The training for the work that I handle on a daily basis has been outstanding. USAA really takes the time to make sure that its employees are equipped to take care of our members. The reputation that we carry as an organization is proof that our employees are skilled.”

Banking & Insurance Solutions Specialist