Culture at USAA

What makes you unique makes you essential to our team.

At USAA, you’ll find an inclusive and welcoming environment where everyone has a true passion for our mission. From the moment employees become part of the USAA family, they are immersed in a culture that profoundly embraces the service and sacrifices made by those whom the organization serves – the men and women of the U.S. military and their families. Having the opportunity to serve the financial needs of those who serve the country is an honor for all of us.

Maintaining a workforce that is reflective of our diverse membership and community is vital to our mission. The military community is one of the most diverse in this country and our ability to provide best-in-class service is directly connected to understanding the needs of our membership and providing innovative solutions.

USAA has adopted a single behavioral expectation for all employees that reinforces and enhances our unique culture. The USAA Standard focuses on one set of behaviors that all employees should aspire to continuously demonstrate for USAA to be successful. The USAA Standard outlines behaviors each employee can recognize, encourage and reinforce. It serves as the standard for how we work with each other and to which we hold ourselves and each other accountable. USAA seeks to empower our employees by equipping and motivating them to do and be their best every day.

Our culture is the heart of USAA’s brand and the foundation of our organization. Every employee is looked to as a leader who embodies and upholds the USAA core values, a set of aspirational behaviors that guide how we perform and how we treat each other.

Reinforcing Our Culture

USAA makes a consistent effort to reinforce our culture, values and mission, through a variety of channels:

  • Connect, our internal employee website, features news, member stories and videos
  • UTV, our internal video channel, offers workshops and leadership messages
  • Signage and video throughout our various locations highlight new initiatives and programs
  • Regular employee meetings bring us all together to learn and share
  • USAA marketing, including television commercials, showcases our public brand
  • Emphasis on behaviors important to our culture in performance reviews
  • Unique employee development programs that help employees apply our cultural priorities in a positive way that leads to better results