Risk Management-Compliance-Audit Careers at USAA

Protecting USAA’s member trust, reputation and financial strength.

USAA has been in the business of managing risks for over 90 years, and managing risk has never been more important than it is today. While we believe managing risk is everyone’s job at USAA, our Risk Management, Compliance and Audit teams work across the enterprise with particular focus on protecting USAA’s member trust, reputation and financial strength through qualitative and quantitative analysis and reviews.

USAA leverages the three lines of defense model in its control structure. As the first line of defense, each line of business has primary ownership and accountability for the management and control of risks. Risk Management and Compliance make up the second line of defense and provide oversight and monitoring of all risk, independent of the first line of defense. Audit performs the third line of defense role by providing independent and objective assurance on the effectiveness and efficiency of governance, risk management, control and compliance processes.

In our dynamic workplace, we offer a diverse mix of Risk Management, Compliance and Audit disciplines to include: quantitative modeling and stress testing, operational risk, model risk management and market risk, as well as regulatory compliance and audit opportunities across banking, insurance, investments and information technology.

Expert capabilities
Our professionals are dedicated to using facts, data and models to deliver forward-looking and comprehensive Risk Management, Compliance and Audit programs. As USAA grows and the external environment evolves, we continue to invest in our people, processes and technology to deliver expert capabilities and sophisticated tools to support the qualitative and quantitative “art” and “science” of risk management, the growing expectations of our external stakeholders and the enhanced governance role of our Board of Directors.

Our risk professionals utilize analytics to evaluate current and emerging risks and provide the business with the data and facts needed to make timely, effective, strategic and day-to-day risk-based decisions. Skilled compliance experts are essential in ensuring USAA business leaders clearly understand the regulatory landscape and that processes and controls are built to ensure USAA remains a compliant company. Strong analytical capabilities and a team composed of audit- and business-related expertise provide high-value internal audit services to management and the Board of Directors.

Effective challenge and influence
Our Risk Management, Compliance and Audit professionals play a critical role in enhancing fact-based business decisions through effective challenge and engaging in active discussions with decision makers. As a Risk Management, Compliance or Audit professional at USAA, you will be called upon to think independently and balance both the art and science of intelligent risk taking, to ensure USAA remains a compliant company, and provide management and the Board with the assurance that effective processes and controls are in place.

Opportunities for growth
USAA is a progressive and highly integrated financial services organization where Risk Management, Compliance and Audit employees can gain diverse experience and career mobility is encouraged. As a career professional in one of these areas, there will be opportunities for you deepen and broaden your experience through exposure to each of these disciplines and a variety of USAA’s businesses. We value our employees as our number one asset and invest significantly in their training and development, including advanced degrees, professional designations and specialty certifications.

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Chief Risk Officer, Torben

“USAA provides a unique opportunity to work in one of the most integrated and well-run financial services companies in the world. Our legacy is heavily influenced by our integrated risk management culture and, as an employee in risk management, compliance or audit, you will get a chance to grow and develop your career in an area of high demand with unprecedented career opportunities and growing importance in our industry.”

Chief Risk Officer