• USAA Claims: What to Expect

    USAA Claims: What to Expect

  • USAA Banking and Insurance Sales and Service Call Center Careers

    USAA Banking & Insurance Sales & Service Call Center Careers

  • USAA Banking & Insurance Sales & Service

    USAA Banking & Insurance Sales & Service

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    USAA Mortgage Underwriter

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    USAA Mortgage Processor

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    USAA Mortgage Closer

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    USAA Senior Mortgage Processor

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    USAA Senior Mortgage Closer

Customer Service & Sales Careers at USAA

Provide personalized solutions. Gain professional satisfaction.

Customer Service & Sales

USAA operates four customer service and sales centers – in Phoenix, Arizona; Colorado Springs, Colorado; Tampa, Florida; and San Antonio, Texas. We primarily focus on two areas: banking and insurance. In banking, you might start as a credit card customer service associate and later explore areas such as mortgage and consumer lending. In insurance, you’ll handle questions on our property and auto insurance lines, as well as apply contract knowledge. In each case, you will take incoming calls from members and provide knowledge and guidance.

It’s all about our members
Whether you’re helping a soldier who is deployed or helping a family member, every call you handle makes a difference and provides a real sense of satisfaction. Unlike other customer service and sales jobs, we have manageable sales goals and no time limits per call. We treat every call individually, allowing you to give your best and deliver the highest value.

You can grow
We start with onboarding, to make sure you understand USAA and our mission. New hires also go through 10-12 weeks of training to learn technical skills and our products – much more than is typical in the industry. Training continues throughout your career, with ongoing technical, product and culture programs.

You can advance
This is one of the largest business areas at USAA, with many ways to advance. Typically, you will learn additional products and add new responsibilities, moving from insurance to property to specialty products, for example. Eventually, you may be able to move into other roles and responsibilities, if you choose.

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Auto insurance is our founding product line – and property and casualty claims roles are a great entrance point into USAA. With more than 5,500 employees in this area of operations, we have customer service centers in five locations: San Antonio, Texas; Phoenix, Arizona; Tampa, Florida; Colorado Springs, Colorado; and Chesapeake, Virginia.

A rewarding role
You will work on the phone as a claims adjuster, developing your skills, investigating claims, researching coverage, negotiating and settling claims. Serving our military members, associates and their families is highly satisfying, and building long-lasting relationships with every touch is the ultimate goal.

Extensive training and development
Our 14-week training program is extensive and hands-on, unlike at other organizations where you are expected to take calls with just a few weeks of training. We continue to infuse learning throughout your tenure, while also offering mentoring, tuition reimbursement and assistance with obtaining designations.

Growth is a given
You can learn more about claims or reach across the enterprise into other areas. As you progress in claims, you may have the potential to increase your claims knowledge and handle more complex claims.

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Financial Foundation Specialist, Adina

“Ever since I was little, I always dreamed of working in banking. When other kids played doctor or lawyer, I pretended to be a banker. USAA allows me to fulfill my dream and do what I love day in and day out. I get to talk to military men and women, and it is such a great honor to be able to serve them by providing them the best banking experience possible.”

Banking & Insurance Solutions Specialist