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Q&A with USAA's Chief Audit Officer, Randy Melby

1. What is the structure of the Audit department and how does that (Audit) correlate with the enterprise?

USAA is a complex, large financial institution and Audit Services is organized to support all aspects of the Enterprise. We have dedicated audit teams that support the full enterprise  including Banking, Insurance, IT/Security , Enterprise Risk & Compliance, Financial Reporting, Capital Planning and other centralized support functions.  In addition, we also have a Professional Practices Group to support audit practices, quality assurance, board reporting, and data analytics.

Audit Services works across the enterprise as a trusted advisor to add value to our key stakeholders.

2. What are some of the biggest challenges within the department currently?

Talent management continues to be one of our top priorities and challenges. 

There are a lot of change initiatives going on at USAA today, and Audit Services is growing to keep pace with that change. This means that we are constantly in the market for talented individuals to join our internal audit family.

We’re building a Best in Class audit department and expect our team to be the best in the business. As a result, we need high performing candidates who have the right experience, backgrounds and skillsets to help take our team to the next level. We have had tremendous success in attracting top talent to USAA, and talent management will remain a top priority for us.

3. What type of person would be successful in the audit department?

Someone who believes in the mission of USAA, has high expectations of themselves, works hard, is team-oriented, and enjoys being part of a growing and diverse organization.

We have employees located at all four of our key campuses. Most of our team resides in San Antonio, but we also have team members in our Plano/Dallas, Tampa, and Phoenix offices, and a significant group who works from home.

Our work makes USAA better and that, in turn, makes the lives of our members better.

4. What brought you to USAA?  What keeps you here?

The mission and culture of the company. Lots of companies have mission statements, purpose statements, or whatever you want to call them. But too often, they are just words on a screen, wall or marketing brochure. USAA is different. We serve a unique membership, the men and women defending our freedom and the military community, and everything we do is to try to make the lives of those members better. It’s hard to imagine without experiencing it, but I’ve never seen a company that is guided by its mission like USAA. 

I hope you consider USAA for your career move.



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